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This blog provides an online space for students to engage with each other and the public on issues relevant to their pro bono and clinical work in the community.

Now Recruiting: Grassroots Human Rights Project

October 16, 2014


 About the Project:

In association with the UCL Centre for Access to Justice and VSU, the Grassroots Human Rights project focuses on educating young people in local state schools about their human rights.

Through educating youths from underprivileged backgrounds on human rights issues around the world and back at home, the project hopes to raise awareness about human rights responsibilities, conflicts, violations, etc., and at the same time inspire them to pursue a university education in the future.

What is the Role of a Volunteer:

The project will take volunteers to local secondary schools to conduct human rights seminars using materials and lesson plans that have been previously prepared. Volunteers will be placed in groups to conduct the weekly 1-hour seminars for 4-8 weeks in the second term, and will receive training prior to the seminars. You will be expected to work with your fellow group members to familiarise yourself with the materials and plan how you will deliver the lessons. 

The issues covered range from broad questions like “what is a human right?” to more practical examples such as a person’s rights with regard to “stop and search” police powers. 


Great mentoring opportunity at City & Islington College

October 16, 2014

The Faculty is looking for a student volunteer (those going into their 2nd/3rd/4th year in 2014/15) to liaise with City and Islington College, in a mentoring capacity. This will take place every Tuesday at 3:15pm for one hour, during term-time, starting from the beginning of November through February/March.


For the past seven years one of our undergraduates has been making weekly visits to the college, and giving brief talks on a different area of law. Previous mentors have concentrated on interesting topics/cases that were not too technical (CIC does not offer Law as a subject, and the students have little/no legal knowledge), which had an ethical issue involved. Previously, handouts were also given to assist with explanation and understanding. Such presentations could then be opened up into a seminar-style discussion, which the mentor would facilitate. Mentors have also held mini-debates and led group discussions on legally related issues in the news. The scheme allows for flexibility in the content presented and the mentor very much has the opportunity to bring in topics they themselves find interesting.



Volunteer Opportunity: Street Law Project

October 13, 2014

Street Law Project

Following a successful start last year, Your Law is calling for volunteers to join an exciting street law project in secondary schools across London: we need team leaders and ambassadors to design and deliver a series of structured workshops concentrating on the practical application of the law in students’ lives covering topics such as:

  • Violent assault 
  • Consent in sexual relationships 
  • Drugs and alcohol 
  • Relationships with the police 
  • Human rights

 These sessions can and previously have included: debate, discussion , role play, art work, and creative writing.


Gain experience/skills in in legal research, presentation, communication, leadership, teamwork and much more.


 Time Commitment: approx 4/5 sessions of an hour-an hour and a half each spread over a term with flexible timing. Basic skeleton will be provided for delivering sessions


 About you: Ideally you will have previous experience of working with disadvantaged young people but if you are enthusiastic and committed, please do get involved!


 We are also looking for a website and social media manager to look after our communications. This will involve looking after and contributing to our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds and you will be expected to commit for the duration of the year (although we do not expect you to work on this during exam time).


For this role, we are looking for previous experience of handling comms but again this is not as essential as an enthusiasm for the project!


If you are interested, please email with a short note explaining why you would like to get involved by Friday 24th October 2014 at 4pm.