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This blog provides an online space for students to engage with each other and the public on issues relevant to their pro bono and clinical work in the community.

Marshalling Opportunity at the Royal Courts of Justice

December 15, 2014

Dear all,

An exciting opportunity has become available to marshall with a Circuit Court Judge at the Royal Courts of Justice. 

During this opportunity you will be in a small group of UCL students and will meet with the Circuit Court Judge to discuss the case which is about to be heard, watch the case, then meet with the judge again to discuss what the relevant facts and issues were. 

It is a very good opportunity to gain a unique insight into court procedure and judicial decision-making. 

Important information:

  • When- There are three available dates: 13th January, 20th January, and 27th January, 2015. The session will run from 10am to approximately 1:15pm. 
  • Where- The Thomas More Building of the Royal Courts of Justice

How to apply:

  • This opportunity is available to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years only. 
  • Please submit a brief statement of interest (200 words) and a CV no later than 5th January, 5pm. 
  • Please make sure you specify your preferred date in your statement. 

If you have any questions, email Shiva (





Pro Bono Opportunity: Migrant and Refugees Community Forum

November 20, 2014

Call for Applications: Migrant and Refugees Community Forum

About the Organisation:

Migrant and Refugees Community Forum (MRCF) exists to promote the rights of migrants and refugees by supporting and strengthening development of their community organisations, ensuring access to services and opportunities, establishing effective partnerships with statutory and voluntary agencies, with the ultimate aim of developing self-sustainable community organisations capable of participation in and contribution to an inclusive society.

Currently, they provide the following services:

  • New Beginnings project seeking to support migrants and refugees to gain a better understanding of and a fairer access to a variety of services including education, health and social services.  Through the mentoring project, we aim to help those who are experiencing distress and/or mental ill-health. The mentoring project provides service users with emotional support, help with social and practical needs, increased social connections and reduced social isolation, help with development of a sense of trust in others, support and access community and/or voluntary sector activities, language and interpreting support. We also offer opportunities to improve self-advocacy skills.
  • Community Empowerment Project: this project provides infrastructure and governance advice and support for community organisations including training and one to one advice for community leaders.
  • Generalist Advice Service: this project provides advice, information, information and guidance on:  – asylum, immigration and naturalisation
    • -       welfare benefits, housing and homelessness
    • -       employment and training
    • -       education and skills
  • Resource Centre offering 2 meeting rooms and a playroom for the community.


The Citizenship Foundation is looking for Volunteers

November 17, 2014

What do reality TV, football, the Daily Mail and education have in common? A new legal education app that needs YOUR wit and wisdom!

Unfortunately, young people don’t always find the law fun or notice how present it is in their daily lives.  This can have a negative impact when they find themselves dealing with things like tenancy agreements, first job contracts, or even just returning a pair of trainers. Law can also be really difficult to teach, especially for a teacher not trained in it.  To remedy this, the Citizenship Foundation has created an app that applies a legal lens to all things fun, young, interesting, and current. So rather than bringing young people to the law, we’re taking the law to them.

And that’s where you come in.  We need your help to ‘see the legal’ in the everyday. 

With Citizenship Education still statutory but getting short changed in schools (read more about that at, TV and pop culture are often students’ first ports of call for legal information.  And as much as we all love a dose of trash TV, it’s not the best or most accurate source of information for how to live your daily life.  We want to change that by sharing a factually accurate legal perspective of the shows and issues that young people care about using an interactive quiz app called SmartLaw.  SmartLaw delivers your legal expertise through a fun and dynamic medium, direct to the classroom.  


So if you’re worried about IP law when you watch the Great British Bake Off (who owns the recipes?), or housing law on Grand Designs, or, well… everything, when you watch Breaking Bad, we’re looking for you.  If you’re the friend saying, ‘that would never happen in real life’ during every movie, or critiquing Orange is the New Black, we’d love you to consider joining our Writers’ Panel.  And it isn’t just for TV fans either. We also need sports fanatics, current events buffs, and Daily Mail side-column addicts (no shame) to round out the interest categories.  If you have a teenager at home who could steer you towards the new series of the moment, even better.